Introduction of GST from 1st July 2017 has changed the way organisations operate. The enactment poses challenges for the business and our firm with vast experience in the Indirect Tax will ensure smooth adaptation.

GST Impact Studies

Impact analysis due to changes in act, rules, rate of tax etc.


Assistance in getting your businesses registered under GST.

GST Optimisation

Structuring of transactions or adopting strategies to achieve potential tax savings.

Litigation support

Educate finance functions of organisations of GST laws and compliances.

Representational services

Assistance in advance rulings and making representations to GST council on various matters.

Advisory Services

Issuing of opinions, memos & advisories on specific business matters.

GST Training sessions for Organisations

Educate finance functions of organisations of GST laws and compliances.

GST Compliances

Complete care of filing GST returns such as GSTR 1, GSTR 3B, GSTR 6, job work compliances etc.
GST Registration in Bangalore

GST is the acronym of Goods and Service Tax and is an indirect tax implemented in our country. It is a kind of value-added tax that is imposed on several goods and services right from manufacturing to the final consumption of the item. This tax replaced many existing Central and State Government taxes, which means remaining compliant to all directives is a hectic job for every business. As the concept of GST is a complex term, it becomes difficult for the business to focus on it particularly when they even have to look after core business operations. To ease this problem, 31st March is here for your assistance.

We are an eminent name in the industry that offers GST registration consultation in Bangalore. We can guide business with GST related operations and help them stay competitive over others. If you are looking to adhere to GST registration in Bangalore and staying compliant to every reform, visit us and we can help you. Our team of professionals can assist you to  better understand the GST procedures and all the aspects related to it. Our professionals are well versed and have the expertise in terms of GST law and procedures and they can even handle GST registration tasks and can even offer consultation regarding it.

In respect of GST registration in Bangalore, we also help business with other issues related to GST and some of these are as follows:

  • Provide consultation on complete registration procedure under GST.
  • Take care of filing of periodical returns.
  • Handle different kind of refunds under GST.
  • Look into the input tax credit in respect to the GST.
How 31st March can Assist Your Business get the GST Number?

At 31st March, our professionals can assist you in every sphere starting from getting the GST number to registration. To get the GST number, on your behalf, our team will draft the documents, upload it, make the online payment, get the ARN, and finally, you will receive the GST number on email. Not only this, but we also have a wide scope of services under the GST regime. We know how hectic it would be for a business owner to stay compliant to tax and other legislative departments, so we take the pain to make your task easier and extend our helping hand for any type of GST registration in Bangalore. We on 31st March work with the organizations to figure out, analyze and come up with the solution for any GST or indirect tax compliance issues.

Under the GST regime, our team can work towards supporting the business with respect to the regular tax compliances. They can help in calculating the tax liability; prepare the income tax returns, tax assessment and many other things.

What Are the Benefits of Doing GST Registration?
  • One of the benefits is that you can legally collect taxes from your customers by selling products and then share the same on the Tax Benefits to suppliers.
  • Filing GST registration will ensure that your business stands as 100% tax compliant organization.
  • You can even claim the Input Tax Credit that is paid on your purchases and simultaneously improve your profit.
  • You can use the GST certificate while opening your business account.
  • Having a GSTN number will help you expand your business.
Why Choose 31st March as GST Registration Consultants in Bangalore?

From the date of inception, 31st March has been deft in handling tax related issues across Bangalore. The team that works is very enthusiastic and passion-driven who can help you with all kinds of tax-related issues. If you are looking for a reliable organization who can analyze your business or calculate your GST, it is 31st March. We are the one-stop solution that can assist you in every sphere of Goods and Service Tax. Hence, if your business needs any assistance in terms of GST compliance issues, visit us, our team of professionals can sort out all your GST issues in an easy manner.